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14 Green Street, Brookline, MA 02446

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Osaka in Brookline serves up sizzling food mixed with theatrics.

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Osaka Japanese Restaurant functions in two fantastically different ways: entertaining Hibachi grill show and quiet sushi room. The restaurant is literally split in two. The dual personalities of Osaka has a fun way of catering to its diners.

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Replicating small-town-restaurant success in the big city is a challenge, as urban diners tend to be more discerning, critics more biting, and e-newsletters more prone to making sweeping, unsubstantiated generalizations about "small towns". Up to the challenge: Osaka Japanese Sushi & Steakhouse.

After crushing it for 11yrs in Northhampton, the Osakians have headed down the Pike to Brookline, morphing CC's former Kabbalah Centre into an expansive, fish-rollin', shrimp-tossin', hibachi...having... warehouse that slings a menu billed as Japanese Franco fusion, also Tokyo's top-secret energy system powered by James' boundless artistic curiosity.

The Digs: Downstairs, there's a lounge and full bar, but head up, and you'll find an eight-seat marble sushi bar and main dining room, which an elegant slate wall divides from six 12-person hibachi grills, aka what Paul Wall puts in his teeth during video shoots where he zanily tosses shrimp tails into his chest pocket.

The Eats: Filets are cooked tableside on a traditional stone grill, but if your Puritan sensibilities preclude you from watching others cook your food, there're also creative rolls like the Yellowtail on Fire (thanks to a yuzu soy and jalapeno salsa), and a spicy salmon/tuna joint (w/ avocado green tea & mango sweet chili sauces) called the Half and Half, so they're sort of milking the pun thing.

The Libations: Japanese suds (Asahi, Sapporo, Kirin) and sakes are complemented by exotic cocktails like the Asian Mist (coconut rum and melon liqueur), plus there are party-starting/-ending Scorpion and Lotus bowls, which're filled with rum/brandy/gin and dubbed "the mother of all drinks"... by them, but then again, they're from a pretty small town, so...

Yelp.com - Yael D. from Somerville, MA

Went as part of a six-person group tonight to check out the Boston location as we already loved the Northampton one. Sat on the table side, not the hibachi side.

First of all, the space looks great. Fancy enough to for a special occasion yet still totally comfortable and not stuffy at all. The waitstaff was very attentive throughout the meal: we were asked if we wanted drinks almost right away, they came back for our order promptly, and filled up our water glasses multiple times throughout the meal.

Our waitress asked us if we wanted separate bills when she took our order, which was perfect. The food came quickly and was excellent. Had a mexican roll and a spicy tuna roll, both of which were plentiful and delicious--some of the best sushi I have had in Boston. As we ate, we watched the sushi chefs prepare one beautiful creation after another.

At the end of the meal, we were offered dessert on the house. Had both mochi and fried banana, both excellent.

Overall, we went in with high expectations and they were not only met but exceeded. So happy that Osaka is in town, and would definitely recommend it to everyone for a special occasion!

Yelp.com - Rob B. from Newton, MA

Finally a good hibachi restaurant in the area. This place is gorgeous. The food was fantastic. I thought the chefs tricks were great and I was caught off guard by the free sake. I thought he was lying and that it would be water. Nope. The service was a little frazzled but the place just opened. I'm sure they will find their groove.

- Helen C. from Boston, MA

I was excited to go to Osaka, because as far as I know it was the only place for Japanese Hibachi in Boston. I went there with a few friends. I ordered the hibachi shrimp. My best friend had the chicken. It was so delicious. The chef played a lot of tricks in front of us and made all of us laughed a lot. We had a wonderful time.

I walked around the restaurant before I went downstairs to the bathroom. There are two major areas. One is the Hibachi dining area. This is perfect if you want to have the hibachi food while seeing the show. The other part is great if you want to have some intimate talk. I was told that you can order sushi and/or hibachi food, no matter where you sit. I really love the decor. Very attractive! I think it combines Japanese traditional elements with some western modern pieces.

Our waitress was very nice. I had a few questions before ordering. She was patient with me until I decided what to have.

I will be back soon with my family, who also want to see the hibachi show.



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